UC Berkeley in the palm of your hand

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April 19, 2011
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April 19, 2014
Sara Leavitt, Public Affairs
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Need a place to study right now? View library hours and locations.
Waiting in line for your latte? Catch up on campus news.
Have unexpected free time? Find an interesting exhibit to see right now.

Do all this and more from your smart phone with the new UC Berkeley mobile website. The m.berkeley.edu site, launched in March, includes the campus map, directory, events, news, library tools, varsity athletics, as well as links to UC Berkeley's social media. The site is viewable on any smart phone or other mobile device and complements our vendor provided iPhone app, launched in January.

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Developing mobile websites at Berkeley

The campus has adopted the Mobile Web Framework (MWF) as the de facto standard for mobile development here at Berkeley. This framework, originally developed at UCLA, is a cross-platform web framework that focuses on mobile web standards, semantic markup, device agnosticism, and graceful degradation, providing a robust presentation layer that allows applications to define a single set of markup optimized for iPhone and Android devices that degrades gracefully to any XHTML MP 2.0 compliant device including Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and even T9 phones.

At its most basic level, implementation of the framework is achieved by including two core entities in the head area of a web page. These entities perform device detection and return the appropriate set of CSS and JavaScript definitions. Additional files are included to provide a unified look and feel to the user.

To read more about the Mobile Web Framework, see the Educause Quarterly article Going Mobile with a Web-Based Strategy.

A mobile federation

The MWF facilitates the "federation" model where each module is supported locally by the department responsible for the data or service, while appearing to the user as one seamless website. For example, the Library module is run by the Library's Systems Office, while the supporting framework software is maintained by the Office of Public Affairs housed on a server provided by the Office of the Chief Information Officer. This provides the best of both worlds: decentralized deployment of content with centrally maintained device detection and support utilities.

To read more about the Berkeley Mobile Roadmap, see the iNews article UC Berkeley mobile workshops.

Mobile home page

The links and information included on the campus mobile web home page and second-level pages have been designed to provide mobile access to sites of widespread interest to the campus community. We expect this set of useful information and services to grow rapidly in the coming months. For example, a campus tour is in the works and plans are underway to bring the Schedule of Classes and the General Catalog to the mobile site.

If your department is interested in participating in the mobile website (or using the MWF for a standalone mobile website), please read more about how to join the UC Berkeley Mobile Web.