AirBears2 goes live!

Publication Date: 
June 5, 2013
Expiration Date: 
June 5, 2016
Isaac Orr, IST Telecommunications and Tanya Jansen, OCIO Communications
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On Monday, June 10, 2013 IST Telecommunications will deploy a new campuswide wireless network service called "AirBears2." With this service, we aim to provide a simplified and improved user experience for connectivity to the campus wifi network. AirBears2 will include the following features that are not available in the existing AirBears wireless service:

  • Standards based persistent client authentication
  • Encryption of data traffic over the wireless network
  • Carrier grade network address translation services


Where will AirBears2 be available?

AirBears2 will be available across all campus locations, with the exception of residence halls and locations where Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) currently maintains the wireless network infrastructure. IST is working with the residence halls and EECS on plans to implement this service in their locations. Otherwise you can expect AirBears2 to be available wherever AirBears is available today.

How do I use AirBears2?

AirBears2 requires users to generate a key. Once a key is generated it can be used across multiple devices. To generate a key, you must have a CalNet ID that permits network access. If you use AirBears today with your CalNet ID you will be able to use AirBears2.

How do I generate a key?

The key is generated with the same application currently used to generate keys for mobile device access to bConnected apps. Keys can be generated and managed in the CalNet groups “Manage My Keys” application at:

Will the existing AirBears service continue to work?

Yes, we will continue to operate the existing AirBears service. However, we encourage users of the wireless network to move to AirBears2 because of the enhanced infrastructure and ease of access.

What about Guest WiFi Access?

Initially Guest Wifi access will remain unchanged and be provided via the existing AirBears network. Users will still need provision guests via the existing system at:

We are reviewing our current guest access service and expect to improve this in the near future.

How do I know which service to choose?

Begin by checking the comparison chart below:

Feature     AirBears2 AirBears  
Web Based Authentication  No Yes 
Secure Automatic Authentication  Yes  No 
Individual Public IPv4 Address  No  Yes 
IPv6 Support  Yes  Yes  
Inbound IPv4 Connections  No  Yes
Encrypted Wireless Traffic  Yes  No  
Access Secured Campus Resources  Yes  Yes 
Availability  Campus Community  Campus Community, Guests  

More information about your wireless network choices is available in the Knowledge Base article at:

Where can I find out more information about the campus wifi?

General information about the campus wifi is available in the Wifi Network Knowledge base:

In the coming days, you can obtain further documentation regarding AirBears2 will be at the following locations:



IST would like to thank the following people and groups for their contributions in making this service possible:

  • The CSS IT Team (Testing)
  • Berkeley Law IT Team (Testing and Documentation)
  • Gary Thomas (The AirBears Guy)
  • Erik McCroskey (Principal Network Engineer)