General IT Services and Support Channel Historical Archive

This is an archive of older (pre-2008) articles on the General IT Services and Support channel, taken from the previous implementation of iNews.

New IST Services and Solutions catalog. IST is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new Services and Solutions catalog. The new format of the services catalog combines the wide range of IST services into user-friendly categories, making information easier to find. 2008-05-05.

New IST Service Status page launch scheduled. Approximately mid-May, 2008, IST will launch a new, improved service status page. This page provides campus customers timely information about any service-related disruptions. The new status page provides new features in a substantially more robust environment and will allow timelier posting of status information. 2008-05-01.

WebFiles to be discontinued. IST will discontinue the Cal WebFiles service on June 27, 2008. Recommended alternatives include bSpace, CalShare, and Open Computing Facility (OCF). 2008-04-16.

TPO project management templates. The Technology Program Office (TPO) has recently created a set of project management documents to help all staff define and manage campus projects. The templates are designed to fit the needs of both technical and non-technical projects, and are simple and flexible enough to use for small and complex projects alike. 2008-04-16.

April 7: Arachne customer forum. This forum is being held to discuss the upcoming retirement of the Arachne service. RSVP requested. Monday, April 7, 2:00 pm, Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center. 2008-04-03.

April 8: Socrates customer forum. This forum is being held to discuss the upcoming retirement of the Socrates service. RSVP requested. Tuesday, April 8, 10:00 am, Sibley Auditorium, Bechtel Engineering Center. 2008-04-03.

IST Service Desk ACD enhancements. The IST Service Desk is pleased to announce the next major change to the IST Service Desk automatic call distribution (ACD) system. During the week of April 7, most remaining Service Desk support areas will be integrated into the ACD. 2008-04-02.

AT&T directory listing for 2008-09. Departmental updates for inclusion in the 2008-2009 AT&T telephone directory, and requests for copies of the AT&T directory, are due April 7, 2008. 2008-03-17.

Software House International (SHI) is UC's new designated software reseller. Effective March 12, 2008, SHI is the University of California's sole designated reseller for Adobe, Filemaker, McAfee, Microsoft, and Symantec systemwide software license agreements. All new orders for products available under these agreements should be issued to SHI. 2008-03-12.

Rate changes for database services. Effective March 2008, IST-Database Services' rates have increased. This article details the service and technical upgrades on which the rate increases are based. 2008-03-07.

Mac OS X licenses available at TSW. Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard licenses are available at The Scholar's Workstation for departmental purchase while supplies last. The licenses are available for $39 per license, and $15 per installation DVD. 2008-03-04.

Socrates and Arachne services to be retired. IST is beginning the effort to retire the Socrates and Arachne services and to move clients to new services that are appropriate for their technical needs. IST will follow up with more detailed communications throughout the project life cycle. For general questions about this project, contact 2008-02-15.

iSCSI Storage Service now available on campus. IST presents iSCSI Storage Service, a "direct attached" storage solution for campus customers who don't want to colocate their systems at the campus data center. Windows, Linux, and Solaris systems anywhere on the campus LAN can attach and use disk volumes allocated on IST's high-availability enterprise array. 2008-02-11.

UCBackup teams with DOCS for desktop backup client support. UCBackup is pleased to announce that Departmental On-site Computing Support (DOCS) will be providing extended help, when necessary, to customers who experience issues with the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) desktop client software. The cost for the first hour of DOCS's onsite support will be covered by UCBackup. 2008-02-11.

Technical Account Management (TAM): Embarking on a new era. IST's TAM unit serves as a bridge between campus customers seeking customized packages of IT services and IST service providers. On February 4, 2008, Susan Tobes joined the TAM as its new manager. 2008-02-07.

Start using your address for CalMail mailing lists. On February 28, 2008, the CalMail team will change to @berkeley, any @uclink or @calmail address subscribed to a CalMail managed list. This change will affect users who are subscribed and posting to a restricted list (members only) with an address of or 2008-02-05.

Service Desk update: IST Enterprise Ticketing project. The initial implementation phase of the IST Enterprise Ticketing Project has begun. As part of this phase, IST plans to make the new system available to several non-IST campus units that have expressed an interest in being early adopters of Remedy as their internal ticketing solution. IST will then determine a policy for more widespread campus use of the ticketing system. 2008-01-31.

New Burton Group Research and Advisory Services. The Office of the CIO and the campus Information Technology Architecture Committee (ITAC) are pleased to announce the availability of three research and advisory services from Burton Group, an organization that provides in-depth, vendor-independent research and advisory services focused on enterprise IT infrastructure technologies: Application Platform Strategies, Collaboration and Content Strategies, and Identity and Privacy Strategies. These services are available to all UC Berkeley employees. 2008-01-24.

Rate changes for CalShare and Enterprise Windows Web Farm services. Effective January 1, 2008, recharge rates for IST's CalShare and Windows Web Farm have increased. These rate changes are based on an increase in the number of system administration hours required to maintain the services. 2008-01-17.

ADmitMac volume license purchase commitment query. IST—Technology Acquisition and Sales (TAS) is trying to identify interest in and commitment to purchase volume licensing for ADmitMac, a Macintosh and CalNet Active Directory integration solution. Responses are due Friday, January 18, 2008. 2008-01-07.

Free TextMate site license available at IST Software Central. A site license for TextMate, a general-purpose GUI text editor for Mac OS X, is now available to UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students. The free download is available through Software Central, the IST software distribution site, and represents a $58 saving per single-user license. 2007-12-21.

CalMail Mailman. On December 3, 2007, all existing Majordomo and Simple mailing lists were migrated to the mailing list manager Mailman. Mailman has a number of new features, including the ability to handle mailing list administration and moderation requests entirely through the CalMail web interface. 2007-12-04.

UCBackup support now available for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. IBM has released Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 5.5.0 to support Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The client is downloadable from the software page on the UCBackup website. 2007-12-04.

Mac OS X Leopard early adopter volume license program. Your department has an opportunity to buy Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard for $39 per license, and $15 per installation CD. There is no limit to the number of licenses or CDs your department can order at these prices, however you must respond with estimated numbers by 12:00 noon, Friday, December 7. 2007-12-04.

Update: CalMail mailing lists migrating to Mailman. Due to technical difficulties, the CalMail list service migration from Majordomo to Mailman scheduled for Sunday night, December 2, did not occur. Migration has been rescheduled for 5:00 to 9:00 pm, Monday, December 3, 2007. Until then, list owners can make changes to lists by clicking on "Manage Your Mailing Lists", and use lists in the usual manner. Estimated completion of conversion is 9:00 pm, PST, Monday, December 3, and full list functionality is expected to resume at that time. 2007-12-03.

CalMail mailing lists migrating to Mailman. On Sunday, December 2, 2007, all existing Majordomo and Simple mailing lists will be migrated to Mailman. The migration window is from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The migration is an automated process that requires no action from list owners. 2007-11-30.

Enhancements and rate changes to IST's Blade Server and Virtual Machine services. These changes are effective September 1, 2007. 2007-10-29.

CalNet customer service is moving to the Cal 1 Card Office. Effective November 1, 2007, the Cal 1 Card Office will become the primary provider of CalNet support to all UC Berkeley affiliates, including faculty, staff, students, and department-sponsored affiliates. Effective December 1, 2007, the User & Account Services (UAS) office at 2195 Hearst will close and no longer provide walk-in customer support. 2007-10-29.

UCBackup: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard not supported until first quarter 2008. The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 5.4.x client application used with the UCBackup service client, will not support Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. If you are a UCBackup customer, please wait until the supported TSM client is released before you upgrade to Leopard. 2007-10-29.

Adobe offers Student License pricing to staff and faculty for a limited time. The discount pricing is offered through The Scholar's Workstation for Adobe's Acrobat 8 Professional, Creative Suite 3 Design Standard, and Creative Suite 3 Design Premium. 2007-10-25.

UC Berkeley CalAgenda calendaring system now linked with LBNL. Calendar users at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory were linked with UC Berkeley calendar users on the CalAgenda calendaring system on Sunday, October 21, 2007. This allows calendar users on both systems to view each others' calendars and invite each other to meetings when given appropriate permissions 2007-10-23.

New CalMail SSL certificate. On Tuesday, October 9, 2007, at 6:00 pm PDT, CalMail will switch to using a new SSL certificate as part of the standard SSL certificate renewal process. 2007-10-07.

Unsupported software and the Minimum Security Standards. In order to protect systems from compromise due to outdated software, campus networked computers must migrate to alternative products when vendor support for software is dropped. Common software products on the campus network with discontinued vendor support include Eudora, SSH Secure Shell, AbsoluteFTP, CRT, and older versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. 2007-09-20.

IST Service Desk is introducing procedural and technology changes. To provide quality services in its role as a primary point of contact for numerous customer issues, the IST Service Desk is moving forward with simultaneous initiatives in three major areas: team organization and procedures, the introduction of an automatic call distribution (ACD) system, and implementation of a consolidated ticketing system. 2007-09-14.

One IST billing system. IST now uses an integrated billing system that includes a single billing statement for IST services. 2007-09-14.

UCBackup changes and off-campus client support. This article discusses the consolidation of services on Tivoli Storage Manager, the requirement of UCBackup clients to have IP addresses, and the need for a VPN connection to perform UCBackup functions from remote locations. 2007-09-10.

UC Berkeley mainframe printing: secure, versatile and web-enabled. With the implementation of PageCenter, a powerful, web-based report management and archive system, campus staff can now securely access reports generated on UC Berkeley's IBM mainframe computer system without leaving their desks, save those reports electronically for future recall, and print all or parts of those reports. 2007-09-05.

End of support for PHP 4. Because there will be no updates to PHP 4.4 after December 31, 2007, campus websites using PHP 4 web applications will need to upgrade to PHP 5. 2007-09-05.

Growing a calendar network. The UC Berkeley Calendar Network, a calendaring system that allows units to share event information across campus, invites campus departments and units to join the network. 2007-08-27.

Exploration of partnership opportunities for campus collaborative tools. Earlier this year, a diverse committee of campus leaders met with representatives from Google and Microsoft to explore the Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Live@EDU service offerings, and to determine if these vendors' offerings in the areas of mail, calendaring, and web-based file sharing are a reasonable alternative to UC Berkeley running these services locally (via the current CalMail, WebFiles, and CalAgenda services). This article gives a summary of the committee's findings. 2007-08-21.

UC Berkeley's Connecting@Berkeley CD to focus on security. The release of the C@B CD for the 2007-08 academic year will take place in two stages: version 2007.1, a modest update to the 2007.0 CD released last year, to be released at the start of the fall 2007 semester; and version 2008 that will include major updates to the security software, to be released later during the academic year. Both versions will be available for the Windows and Macintosh platforms. 2007-08-21.

Eudora users will need to migrate to a different email client. Qualcomm is no longer supporting the Eudora email client and has discontinued making bug or security fixes. The campus support contract for Eudora will officially end October 31, 2007, after which time Eudora will not meet campus minimum security requirements. The IST Service Desk and the CalMail team will continue to support users with questions about Eudora, but will no longer be actively distributing Eudora to the campus. 2007-08-16.

New phone number and automatic call distribution (ACD) system for IST Service Desk. In early August 2007, the IST Service Desk will begin using a new phone number and an ACD system for improved access to several IST services. The new Service Desk number will be 642-8500. Legacy service numbers will remain operational during a three-month conversion period. 2007-07-13.

Lower prices for IST-supplied storage and back-up services. Economy Storage, a new storage offering, is available at a rate of $0.25 per GB per month. Also, effective immediately, all UCBackup customers will be charged at the rate of $0.30 per GB per month, reduced from the previous rate of $0.50 per GB per month. 2007-07-09.

Apple iPhone update. iPhones will be available only at Apple retail stores, the Apple retail store online, and AT&T retail stores. It will not be possible to purchase iPhones through IST's Cellular Devices & Services or The Scholar's Workstation Computer Store because at introduction, the iPhone will not be available for sale through corporate or business accounts. 2007-06-28.

Storage quota increases for CalMail and WebFiles. The default quota for CalMail has been increased from 100 MiB to 250 MiB. The default quota for WebFiles has been increased from 50 MiB to 300 MiB. 2007-05-18.

CalMail account management functions unavailable Sunday, April 22. CalMail account management functions will be unavailable from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Sunday, April 22, 2007. During this time, new account management tools containing usability and accessibility improvements will be installed. 2007-04-17.

CalAgenda system problems. CalAgenda was restored to fully functioning status at 10:40 am today. Earlier, CalAgenda was experiencing serious systemwide issues that required the CalAgenda Team to take down the server as they worked to resolve the situation. 2007-04-09.

IST customer satisfaction survey. In fall 2006, IST's Client Services department conducted a large-scale, online, campuswide IST customer satisfaction survey. The survey was conducted to solicit client input about IST's numerous services in order to improve those services. The full survey report and a survey summary can be downloaded from our survey site. 2007-03-21.

Campus directory updates and quantities for 2007-08. Individual listing updates for inclusion in the 2007-08 printed campus directory must be made by May 25. Departmental information required to receive copies of the campus directory must be submitted by May 4. 2007-03-16.

An update from the Web Applications world. IST's Administrative Services--Web Applications unit has completed the first phase of an online sales system for the California Management Review, a Haas School of Business publication; completed major upgrades to the campus grading systems including integrating the Law School with e-Grades; and, in partnership with the Office of the Registrar, made improvements that directly support the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) so it can more accurately interpret how to apply course credits earned outside of Berkeley to Berkeley's degree programs and academic requirements. 2007-03-16.

CalGrid. IST is preparing to offer CalGrid, a high-performance computing cluster, for shared campus use. 2007-03-14.

UC Berkeley People Locator. The UC Berkeley Emergency People Locator System is a web-based contact system to provide information to members of the UC Berkeley community and to their families and friends in the event of an emergency affecting the campus. 2007-03-14.

AT&T directory listing for 2007-08. Departmental updates for inclusion in the 2007-08 AT&T directory as well as requests for copies of the AT&T directory are due April 7. 2007-02-28.

New spam filter for CalMail. On February 16, 2007, CalMail will enable Spamhaus, an additional antispam application, on all CalMail accounts. 2007-02-14.

Clarification: UCBackup for Researchers. On Wednesday, January 17, 2007, Vice Chancellor for Research Burnside sent a message to the campus research community announcing an exciting and innovative new program to help research groups back up their critical data. This article clarifies the program. 2007-01-22.

Data backup for researchers. Information Services and Technology (IST) will be lowering the rate of UCBackup services to $0.30 per GB from the current $0.50 per GB effective February 1, 2007. And for a limited time, IST is also offering to subsidize backups by campus researchers through a 50-50 matching program made possible by funding from the offices of the Vice Chancellor--Research and the Chief Information Officer. 2007-01-17.

Updated Daylight Saving Time information for CalAgenda. As noted in prior communications, some CalAgenda events scheduled for days affected by new Daylight Saving Time rules may be incorrectly stored in our vendor's software. The CalAgenda team has been working with our vendor to develop a process to make any needed manual calendar adjustments as simple as possible. Unfortunately, automated calendar adjustments to correct this situation are not possible. This article gives additional instructions on how you can verify and correct your calendar. 2007-01-12.

Event times in CalAgenda may be wrong due to new Daylight Saving Time. This year, Daylight Saving Time is scheduled to begin on March 11 instead of April 1. If you have events scheduled in CalAgenda between March 11 and April 1, 2007, and October 28 and November 4, 2007, the event times may be off by an hour and you may need to adjust them manually. This Knowledge Base article has the details. 2007-01-05.

CalMail unavailable November 4. CalMail will be unavailable Saturday, November 4, from 12:01 am to 6:00 am for much needed storage maintenance. 2006-10-27.

Sophos MailMonitor on CalMail to expire. IST's limited site license for MailMonitor, the Sophos antivirus product we have been using for CalMail, expires at the end of this month and will not be renewed. Instead, CalMail is now successfully using Clam AntiVirus. 2006-10-10.

IST Knowledge Base: new capabilities, expanded coverage. The IST Knowledge Base contains frequently asked questions, updates, tips, and tricks related to many of the services IST offers including CalAgenda, UniBears, CalPBX, CalMail, WebFiles, and Connecting@Berkeley. Searching or browsing the Knowledge Base is often the quickest way to find the resolution to a problem or the answer to a question. 2006-10-05.

Protect and connect your computer: the C@B CD. The free C@B 2007 CD can be used to help your computer meet the campus's mandatory minimum security standards, and help protect your computer from viruses and Internet attacks. 2006-09-23.

Upcoming CalMail changes. The email server application that CalMail currently uses, CommuniGate Pro, is being phased out and replaced with Cyrus. The Cyrus implementation has been designed to meet the growing performance and scalability requirements of the CalMail system; users should notice a performance improvement over the current environment. 2006-09-08.

Technical Account Management (TAM): A new beginning. IST's TAM unit provides IST customers with assistance, guidance, and coordination to reach optimal solutions for their IT needs. TAM primarily serves campus departments, providing packages of IT services. 2006-08-31.

Enhanced computer facility dedicated to staff training opens. A newly upgraded computer lab in 74 Barrows provides space for training on enterprisewide applications; groups with training needs for campuswide projects are encouraged to apply for space when such needs arise. 2006-08-31.

CalAgenda tips: Troubleshooting common problems. Solutions to such problems as resetting offline passwords, updating CalAgenda directory information, and obtaining a CalAgenda account. 2006-08-11.

Teaching the CalMail spam filters. How to teach CalMail spam filters to recognize new spam messages and other tips to control spam. 2006-08-09.

Access to DNS servers to be restricted. To minimize security risks and to follow standard Internet best practices, beginning July 1, 2006, off-campus users will be denied access to the campus caching nameservers. 2006-06-23.

CalMail account creation downtime. Account creation on CalMail will not be available from 6:00 pm June 23, to 9:00 am June 27, due to a CalNet Directory service upgrade. 2006-06-16.

CalMail changes. Currently, CalMail supports two web clients, CalMail and BearMail. Because the BearMail client is faster and has more features, it will replace the CalMail client; BearMail will be the only client supported after July 6. 2006-06-05.

Campus firewall service. CNS is now able to offer firewall services on a subnet-by-subnet basis to most campus departments. 2006-03-27.

Multiple aliases now possible in CalMail. You can now create up to three different aliases (or alternate names) for your CalMail email account. 2006-03-21.

Connect to FTPS 1.1 for Mac OS X. The new Connect to FTPS 1.1 package allows Mac OS X users to use Fetch to transfer files using FTPS to and from the campus mainframe, 2006-02-22.

Your application can now work with CalAgenda calendars. Beginning mid-February, departmental or campus applications can use CalAgenda's new web services interface to add, delete, and retrieve meetings, reservations, and other events in campus calendars for various people and resources 2006-02-06.

CalAgenda tips: Here today, gone tomorrow -- using CalAgenda for vacation schedules. Using a vacation as an example, this article discusses possible ways to use your CalAgenda calendar to let your colleagues know you are out of the office. 2006-02-06.

WebFiles -- a great way to share files and publish your website. The WebFiles service offers disk storage space, file sharing, and web publishing capabilities at no cost to all Berkeley faculty, staff, and students. A CalNet ID is required to use this service. 2006-01-27.

CCS deploys High-Performance Computing Cluster. IST moves forward with plans to offer centralized high-performance computing to the campus. The CCS High-Performance Computing Cluster will replace computational software services currently provided on Socrates. 2006-01-27.

Collaboration tools at Berkeley. New collaboration tools have been implemented at Berkeley and are available to faculty and staff; these include BearShare, WebFiles, bSpace, and Course Gallery. 2006-01-26.

CalMail maintenance outage 7 am to 1 pm Sunday, January 8. The CalMail system will be unavailable from 7 am to 1 pm Sunday for essential preventative maintenance work. Incoming email will be queued and delivered upon system restart. 2006-01-03.

BearShare. BearShare is an integrated collection of technologies that allows one to easily create, manage, and build collaborative websites. In addition, BearShare offers content collaboration, strengthens security, and extends interoperability across Windows, Mac OS X, and other platforms 2005-11-18.

IST VeriSign certificate service. IST has purchased SSL certificates in bulk from VeriSign and is administering the issuance of these certificates; campus departments can order new and renewal certificates for one or two years through this service. 2005-11-02.

Requirements for campus departments who send mass mailings. Electronic mailings large enough to negatively affect campus network or systems performance must be coordinated with CalMail staff. 2005-10-26.

CalMail outage -- September 23, 2005. On September 23, the CalMail system experienced a service outage due to hardware failure. As a result, a small percentage of email during this window was not queued and will not be delivered. If you were expecting an urgent message and have not received it, please contact the sender and ask them to resend it. 2005-09-26.

CalAgenda Tips: Setting up designate rights for an account. Account owners can choose designates to handle their calendaring tasks. 2005-09-21.

Protect and connect your computer: the C@B CD. The C@B CD is an essential accessory for protecting and connecting your computer at UC Berkeley. It's free and available for your Windows or Macintosh computer. New to the 2006 edition are: a booklet that provides an overview of how your computer can meet four of the most critical campus Minimum Security Standards; a new version of the Symantec Client Security software suite for Windows; and support for Mac OS 10.4 ("Tiger"). 2005-09-17.

CalNet Directory Services update. The CalNet Directory Services' infrastructure is being upgraded to provide better, faster, more reliable service. Among other things, new servers will allow the service to sustain a much larger load and will improve search performance. 2005-09-17.

CalAgenda service now using CalNet directory information. On September 13, the CalAgenda service replaced its subscriber directory information with information from the CalNet Directory. Rather than being maintained separately in CalAgenda, information such as names, email addresses, departments, and the like are now taken from the campus's central directory. 2005-09-15.

Legal downloads through Rhapsody and iTunes music services at UC Berkeley. In an effort to provide legal downloading alternatives for students, UC Berkeley has negotiated favorable deals with two music services: Rhapsody and iTunes. Each service has unique features, offers more than one million songs, and can be accessed at the new website. 2005-09-15.

Fall 2005 CAL PACT course offerings. The fall 2005 schedule of CAL PACT courses is now available. Offerings include Microsoft Office, CalAgenda, online training, and a new web design pilot. 2005-09-15.

Knowledge Base expands. The IST Knowledge Base, formerly the CalMail Knowledge Base, now includes CalAgenda, UniBears, and Connecting@Berkeley, as well as CalMail 2005-09-13.

Rearchitecting the central Unix service (Socrates). The Socrates server is heading for eventual retirement. Services on Socrates will be migrated elsewhere, or replaced by new applications also located elsewhere. New services will include CalWeb, bSpace, and a cluster of servers for intensive scientific computing. 2005-09-06.

BearMail. BearMail is an email client and a web interface that interacts with CalMail, the campus email server. It runs on a central server instead of on your own workstation, making it possible for you to access your CalMail account from any web browser anywhere. 2005-09-06.

Departmental Domain Email Service on CalMail. A new service available to academic departments and administrative units that want to use the CalMail email system but also want to retain their own unique domain names. 2005-09-06.

E-Learning opportunity extended through ElementK. CAL PACT has extended the ElementK e-Learning license for another year, making more than 680 online courses available to campus staff free of charge. 2005-08-30.

Space the final frontier -- WebFiles is here. WebFiles is a new and improved version of the campus Internet file storage solution that replaces the former service WebDisk. It provides each user with 50 MB of storage space and promotes file access, file sharing, and web publishing anytime, anywhere via the Web at no cost to the user. 2005-08-22.

Campus Data Center Colocation Services. Campus departments can now take advantage of the secure, well-regulated data center environment for housing their own departmental servers. 2005-08-22.

New BearMail. BearMail will be upgraded on July 25. All address books on BearMail will be frozen on July 24 until the upgrade is complete. 2005-07-18.

BearMail service extended. The BearMail webmail service will be extended until a new webmail solution is put into place. 2005-06-08.

CAL PACT summer 2005 courses available. CAL People and Computer Training (CAL PACT) has posted its summer schedule of courses, offering free software training to campus staff on software such as the Microsoft Office suite, Dreamweaver, CalAgenda, and Eudora. 2005-06-08.

CalMail Departmental Domain Email Service. A new service available to academic departments and administrative units that want to use the CalMail system but also want to retain their own unique domain name (e.g., instead of 2005-06-02.

New mailing list server for CalMail. CalMail will be replacing Majordomo and simple lists with an open-source Mailman product. The target implementation date is May 22. 2005-04-25.

Reminder: Socrates email migration April 24. At 8:00 a.m. April 24, Socrates email service will be migrated to the CalMail system. After the migration, Socrates email will be delivered to CalMail, and Socrates users will send and receive Socrates email via the CalMail system. 2005-04-18.

Socrates email migration rescheduled for April 24. The Socrates email migration date has been changed from March 27 to April 24. At that time, Socrates' email service, with the exception of Socrates mail lists, will be migrated to the CalMail system. Migration of Socrates' email lists will still take place on March 27, 2005. 2005-03-17.

CIO and IST have moved to new building. As of January 12, IST units formerly located on the second floor of Evans Hall -- AVCO, CCS, Interactive University, and WSS -- are housed in 2195 Hearst. The Museum Informatics Project, also relocated to 2195 Hearst from its former space in Doe Library. 2005-03-02.

Integrate your application with CalAgenda calendars. The CalAgenda Service Team is developing a web services interface to CalAgenda that will allow developers of departmental and campus applications to interact directly with specified campus calendars. The first iteration of this interface is expected to be available for testing during the spring 2005 semester. 2005-02-16.

Secure connections to CalMail required beginning March 1. If you haven't already done so, you will need to change settings in your desktop email program (Eudora, Outlook, etc.) to make secure connections to CalMail. The CalMail and BearMail webmail services already connect securely to CalMail. 2005-02-16.

BearMail is retiring. After three years of service to the campus, BearMail, the campus's interim web-based email client solution will be retired at the end of June 2005. 2005-02-14.

UC Berkeley's new backup infrastructure. CCS is meeting the data protection challenges of the campus by providing backup of disk-based data via a state-of-the-art automated tape library. The change in tape backup systems has resulted in a reduction of backup tape cartridges from more than 45,000 to less than 500, a 99 percent decrease in tape count and related costs. 2005-02-10.

Revamped mainframe platform. In June 2004, a new mainframe processor was installed in coordination with the data center relocation. Computing capacity can now dynamically be adjusted based on workload, allowing us to pay for what is used, not for what the equipment is capable of doing, saving thousands of dollars. 2005-02-10.

UC Berkeley Storage Area Network (SAN). October 2004 marked the two year anniversary of centralized Storage Area Network (SAN) storage within CCS. At present, we offer more than 30 terabytes of Premium and Enhanced storage to more than 20 critical database and web servers on campus. 2005-02-10.

Departmental Technology Solutions now supports online training with Macromedia Breeze. DTS will manage the Breeze application and help customers develop online presentations and courses. This project will move into production phase as soon as CalNet authentication is incorporated into the system. 2005-02-09.

Socrates email migrates to CalMail March 27. On March 27, the Socrates email service will be migrated to the CalMail service. After the conversion, messages will be delivered to CalMail, and Socrates users will send and receive Socrates email via the CalMail system. Users will not need to change their email addresses. 2005-02-07.

CalAgenda Tips: Setting up a resource. When scheduling a meeting, a resource such as a conference room, laptop, vehicle, or other piece of equipment can be "invited" to the meeting along with meeting attendees, if access rights for the resource have been set to permit it. 2005-02-04.

User and Account Services is moving. Effective January 24, the UAS office will be located at 2195 Hearst Avenue, Room 111. UAS will remain in 206 Evans Hall through Friday, January 21. 2005-01-18.

Spring 2005 CAL PACT courses available. CAL People and Computer Training (CAL PACT) has posted its new spring schedule of courses, offering free software training to campus staff on software such as the Microsoft Office suite, HTML, Dreamweaver, and FileMaker. 2005-01-13.

Socrates email migration to CalMail. In March 2005, the Socrates email service will be migrated to the CalMail service. After the conversion, messages will be delivered to CalMail, and Socrates users will send and receive Socrates email via the CalMail system. Users will not need to change their email addresses. 2005-01-06.

CalMail down 7:00-8:00 am Sunday, January 23. CalMail will be unavailable at that time for a system software upgrade. 2005-01-06.

TSW implements Electronic Waste Recycling Fee effective January 1, 2005. In compliance with California Senate Bill 50, The Scholar's Workstation will include the Electronic Waste Recycling Fee in sales of covered electronic devices such as computer monitors and laptop computers. 2004-12-23.

CAL PACT offers online training. Prerequisite for enrollment in online training program is completion of Online Training Introduction course, available through ICE. 2004-12-10.

IST holiday schedule 2004-2005. Information Systems and Technology (IST) facilities will be closed or operating on modified schedules in late December and early January because of the semester break, University holidays, and the campuswide energy curtailment. 2004-11-30.

CalMail new account creation page suspended until November 27. Due to migration of account data to a new storage solution, CalMail's new account creation page will be unavailable from 4:00 pm, Wednesday, November 17, until Saturday, November 27. 2004-11-17.

Free online courses for staff. Courses cover a variety of desktop applications for office productivity and graphic design. 2004-11-05.

UC Berkeley's data center success story. On the last weekend of June, hundreds of servers and applications, thousands of devices, countless network connections, all were successfully moved, ahead of schedule, within budget, and with a total production downtime of less than three business hours. The move to Berkeley's new world-class data center was completed with amazing precision. 2004-09-22.

Migration of Socrates email service to CalMail planned for Spring 2005. Socrates email will be converted to a secondary domain of the CalMail system. After the conversion, Socrates users will send and receive Socrates email via the CalMail system. Socrates email users will not need to change their email addresses. 2004-09-21.

CalMail's long-awaited storage upgrade completed. Over the summer, CCS completed an upgrade to CalMail to provide better performance. The migration of a terabyte of email storage was completed with minimal downtime and was well received by the UC Berkeley community. The system has been designed and benchmarked to support 50,000 file requests per second, a five-fold increase over the original devices. 2004-09-21.

What's new at the computer labs. All WSS general-access and instructional computer facilities now use a Windows XP environment. As a cost-saving measure and to align hours of operation with demand, the hours in some general computing labs have been reduced. 2004-09-20.

IST's User and Account Services is moving. In January 2005, the UAS office for IST will be moving to 2195 Hearst Avenue, on the corner of Hearst and Oxford. The office will be located on the first floor on the north side of the building. Our office hours will not change; we will be open 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. 2004-09-20.

Protect and connect your computer: Get the free C@B 2005 CD!. This free CD, which comes in Windows and Mac versions, helps configure your network connections and helps protect against viruses and network attacks. It now includes antivirus and personal firewall software, as well as email and other network utilities. 2004-09-20.

Changes to CalMail spam deliver option. On October 1, the default on CalMail will be changed so that all messages that have been tagged as spam at 70 percent probability or higher will be delivered to the spam folder, and automatically deleted after 30 days. 2004-09-15.

Fall 2004 CAL PACT training courses available. CAL People and Computer Training (CAL PACT) has posted its new fall schedule of courses, offering free software training to campus staff on software such as the Microsoft Office suite, HTML, Dreamweaver, and FileMaker. 2004-09-15.

CalMail upgrade done. The storage upgrade was completed as scheduled. Accounts are being automatically migrated to the new high-speed disk architecture. 2004-08-12.

CalMail downtime rescheduled for 1:00-5:00 am, Thursday, August 12. New account creation will also be unavailable during this time period. 2004-08-10.

CalMail storage upgrade postponed. The CalMail storage upgrade originally scheduled for August 7 has been postponed. We will announce the rescheduled downtimes as soon as they are finalized. 2004-08-09.

CalMail downtime and account creation freeze. CalMail is scheduled to be offline and unavailable for a hardware upgrade at 5:00-7:00 am on Saturday, August 7, and again at 6:00-7:00 am on Sunday, August 15. In addition, CalMail new account creation will be unavailable from 9:00 am, Friday, August 6, until 9:00 am, Sunday, August 8. 2004-08-04.

Scheduled outage of all data center systems 6-10 a.m. Sunday, August 1. CalMail, CalNet, the main campus website, and all computing services delivered through the campus data center will be offline and unavailable Sunday morning for vendor-required maintenance of the power supply system. 2004-07-26.

Bagle AG worm hits CalMail and Socrates - July 19, 2004. A new variant of the Bagle worm starting hitting the CalMail and Socrates email systems this morning. Do not open any attachments, even if they are from someone you know. Our antivirus software is currently blocking incoming infected messages. 2004-07-19.

CalAgenda Tips: Is your CalAgenda user name unique? What to do if it isn't. Ways to make your CalAgenda user name unique, thus enabling quicker access to your account. 2004-06-09.

CAL PACT (CAL People and Computer Training) has posted the new summer schedule of course offerings!. Free training for staff on software including Computer & Internet Basics, Eudora, HTML, Dreamweaver, CalAgenda, and the Office Suite. The newest course offering is Workstation Security & Privacy. 2004-06-03.

New CalMail alias service. Starting May 5, CalMail users can create an alias for their account -- a second (or alternative) name -- which can be used for sending as well as receiving email. 2004-05-06.

Socrates password change required by April 13. A security incident occurred on Socrates. Although the intrusion was detected within minutes and Socrates was removed from the network to protect user data, the password file was compromised. As a result, all Socrates users must change their passwords by 5 p.m. Tuesday, April 13. 2004-04-07.

Protect your computer from "worms" in email attachments. A new breed of computer "worms" began arriving on the Internet this month, making it more imperative than ever before that you don't open email attachments, and that you keep the antivirus software on your computer completely up to date. 2004-03-05.

CalMail has stopped discarding ".zip" file attachments. The campus's central email system, CalMail, has stopped discarding messages received which contain ".zip" file attachments. These messages can now be freely received by CalMail users. 2004-03-04.

CalMail: A new era of campus email. In January, the UCLink system, which had been in operation for more than ten years, was replaced by the new CalMail system, a state-of-the-art email platform that now serves more than 48,000 campus email accounts. 2004-03-02.

CalMail: Five new features you can use right away. CalMail, the new campus email system, offers many new and exciting features for email users such as addresses, automatic spam removal, automatic processing of incoming messages, shared email folders, and password and message encryption. 2004-03-02.

CalMail discarding ".zip" file attachments. The campus's central email system, CalMail, is temporarily discarding, without notification, all messages received which contain ".zip" file attachments. This action was taken to protect campus email users' computers from variants of the W32.Bagel (or W32.Beagle) worm. 2004-03-02.

CalAgenda Tips: Can everyone see my calendar? Setting your access rights. Using the Oracle Calendar software either on your desktop computer or via the Web, you can set access rights in four categories -- designate rights, viewing rights, task rights, and scheduling rights. 2004-03-01.

CalMail's early performance issues being addressed. Following its production roll-out in January, the new campus email system is being tuned to improve performance and eliminate bottlenecks. 2004-02-20.

Important CalMail information. CalMail is up and running, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, not all UCLink accounts were migrated on January 17. This means some users will be self-migrated when they log in to CalMail for the first time. These users may experience a brief delay before accessing their mail. A troubleshooting guide is available. 2004-01-22.

Campus bids adieu to UCLink as new email system takes over. Over the weekend, IST switched users from UCLink to CalMail, the campus's new email system. 2004-01-20.

UCLink and CalMail will be unavailable Saturday, January 17, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Email accounts to be migrated from the old campus email system UCLink to the new system CalMail. 2004-01-08.

UCLink conversion postponed; do-it-yourself migration added. This UC Berkeley NewsCenter story covers the planned migration from UCLink to CalMail, now rescheduled for Saturday, January 17. 2004-01-08.

New campuswide e-mail system to replace UCLink. The campus will roll out CalMail, a new, robust, and scalable email system, to all UCLink users in January. Among the perks will be the ability to implement the format for email addresses. 2003-12-03.

IST holiday schedule 2003-2004. Information Systems and Technology (IST) facilities will be closed or operating on modified schedules in late December and early January because of the semester break, University holidays, and the campuswide energy curtailment. 2003-12-03.

TSW announces special volume license offer on Mac OS X Panther. For a limited time, UC Berkeley campus departments, faculty, and staff can purchase single Mac OS 10.3 licenses at a volume discount price. 2003-10-29.

Automated patching of Windows machines. Microsoft's Automatic Updates service, a free OS updating tool, automatically connects to either a local or Microsoft update site, downloads approved updates, and installs the updates at a scheduled interval. 2003-09-23.

Berkeley Email Replacement Team information request. Campus departments are asked to contact BERT with suggestions or questions, and generally to let us know how you expect to use the planned service. 2003-09-19.

CalAgenda Tips: Naming conventions, searching, and other helpful information on CalAgenda resources. How to search for and name resources in Oracle Calendar. 2003-09-18.

UCLink to tag spam starting September 17. Messages that have characteristics of spam will automatically be tagged in such a way that they can be filtered by your email program. 2003-09-15.

Authenticated Usenet service now available. Utilizing the CalNet system, this service enables campus users to post to newsgroups in the ucb.* hierarchy from computers not on the campus network. 2003-09-04.

BERT manages email replacement effort. IST's Berkeley Email Replacement Team (BERT) is conducting technical acceptance testing of a new email system to replace the current UCLink service. If all goes well, migration to the new system will begin in 2004. 2003-08-29.

UCLink to be down Sunday, possibly Monday mornings. UCLink will be offline 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon, Sunday, August 31, and possibly 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon, Monday, September 1, so UCLink staff can add load balancing and virus protection features to the system. 2003-08-29.

UCLink to be down Sunday, possibly Monday mornings. UCLink will be offline 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon, Sunday, August 31, and possibly 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon, Monday, September 1, so UCLink staff can add load balancing and virus protection features to the system. 2003-08-29.

Announcing the Connecting@Berkeley (C@B) 2004 CD. Now available for purchase, the C@B CD offers updated software and new features, including current versions of antivirus software, support for secure transfer of email to and from UCLink, and simplified instructions. 2003-08-21.

New Sobig worm hits campus. In the early morning hours of August 19, a new variant of the Sobig email virus began flooding UCLink and the rest of the world. UCLink is now blocking the virus and any copies of the Sobig.F worm currently in users mail are being deleted. 2003-08-20.

IST system status website. New website replaces central systems machine status recording for current information on IST system availability. 2003-08-01.

Shel Waggener -- New Director of Central Computing Services. IST welcomes new CCS director. 2003-06-06.

Spam filtering on Socrates. Messages received by Socrates are now automatically scanned; those identified as probable spam are "tagged" with special headers that can be used by email client software to automatically filter probable spam. 2003-06-06.

CalAgenda Tips: I need help. Who do I talk to? -- CalAgenda's support structure. Your departmental support provider is the first person to contact for help with CalAgenda. When departmental support providers need help, they call on other CalAgenda support providers and on the central CalAgenda service team. 2003-05-16.

Antispam measures coming to UCLink and Socrates. Message tagging, spam mailboxes, and the ability to reject messages from "spam domains" are currently planned options. 2003-04-03.

CalAgenda Tips: Some FAQs about PDAs. How to synchronize your CalAgenda data with your Palm or PocketPC. 2003-03-21.

UCLink e-mail recovery nearing completion. Systems work was completed Monday night and account restoration should be completed Wednesday morning. 2003-03-19.

SecureLink Pilot — SSL secured email connection to UCLink. By encrypting all email communication between your computer and the UCLink system, SecureLink protects your password and keeps your email contents private when transmitted over insecure computer networks. 2003-03-13.

CalAgenda Tips: Printing from CalAgenda. How to print calendar data from Windows and Macintosh clients, and web browsers. 2003-01-24.

Storage Area Network recharge service. CCS adds consolidated storage facility to provide fast, reliable storage that can be shared by multiple servers. 2003-01-21.

Socrates upgrade, implementation of virus remediation software. New hardware for academic and research Unix server, now running TrendMicro Viruswall. 2003-01-16.

Connecting@Berkeley wins second ACM/SIGUCCS Award. C@B team receives award in SIGUCCS publications competition. 2002-12-17.

New evening hours for Connecting@Berkeley Consulting. On a trial basis, starting in spring semester, faculty and staff to get evening help with home Internet connectivity. 2002-12-17.

New server for Socrates service. IST-CCS to upgrade Socrates to a new Sun Fire V880 server. 2002-10-24.

CCS begins business resumption planning. CCS hires business resumption manager and sets contingency strategies to recover Priority 1 functions within seven days of a disaster. 2002-10-24.

CalAgenda Tips: Tips for opening or searching for agendas and resources. CorporateTime's built-in search functionality can help you open resources and other users' agendas. 2002-10-24.

Change to POP mail on Socrates. Socrates to implement DRAC, requiring users to authenticate themselves via POP before sending mail. 2002-08-12.

Garnet and Violet aliases to Socrates to be discontinued on October 15, 2002. Old aliases going away. 2002-08-12.

Announcing the Connecting@Berkeley (C@B) 2003 CD. The easiest way to configure your Internet connection and install your Internet applications. 2002-08-12.

CalAgenda Tips: Accounts including resources, and designate rights. What kinds of accounts are available on the CalAgenda service, and how you might use them. 2002-08-12.

BearMail for Socrates users. Webmail interface allows Socrates users to check their email from any web browser that supports HTTPS. 2002-05-24.

I-drive service to end April 30. As an alternative, check out the Cal WebDisk project. 2002-04-23.